Fruit in a Dish 01 – watermelon on plate
Fruit in a Dish 12 – ornate black plate, framed at 45 degree angle.


One day in the late ‘60s I placed a slice of watermelon on a white dish and made a painting of it. The table was near a window and the sun was strong. I wasn’t far into the painting when I noticed that the sunlight hitting the plate created unexpected highlights and distorted reflections around the watermelon, both of which, when painted onto the canvas, seemed to be as visually real as the intended subject. This revelation was the start of a long series of Fruit In a Dish paintings and drawings. Nearly all the paintings were 40 x 40″ and 50 x 50″.

On a visit to the Walters Art Museum about midway through the series I was impressed by a display of Italian Renaissance painted ceramics; the organic fantasies in some and the geometric order in others, seemed to suggest new environments for the paintings of real fruit. Near the end of the series I searched libraries for images on ceramics of different cultures to serve as settings for the fruit. Shortly afterward the series wound down.

In 1971 the entire series appeared in a solo exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art.


Note: titles of artworks include numbers for reference and does not necessarily imply their order of creation.

Drawings & Paintings

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